new Yummy Dough Package

We have established this website for our Yummy Dough fans and everybody else who likes being creative. We are collecting ideas and tips, instructions and more patterns to knead and bake: Yummy Dough is fun and creates friends!

Children's Birthday

Yummy Badges
A yummy table decoration for your next birthday party. The free square in the middle is for the names of your birthday guests, shape the letters ... →


Birthday Designs
Our nicest summer motives made of Yummy Dough. Have fun creating them yourselves and enjoy the summer! ... →

For the loved ones

A surprise cake
It does not have to be cream pie always. A colorful Yummy Dough cake can even be eaten with the candles. Have fun creating them yourself! ... →

Yummy Dough Galleries

Funny Animals made of Yummy Dough
Here you will find pictures of funny animals made of Yummy Dough. Have fun creating them yourselves! ... →


Start like this!
Yummy Dough is a baking mix. Mixed with water the powder turns into smooth, kneadable, well shapeable dough ... →

Kneading Masterpieces

Crispy Zoo
We have created a colorful zoo with all the funny animals, which were made by our Yummy Dough fans for Planet Dough. Enjoy the gallery with Yummy Dough masterpieces. ... →

  • 2007 “Anuga Taste Award” in Germany
  • 2010 “Grand prix de la Presse” in France
  • 2010 “Toy of the Year” in Australia
  • 2010 ”Toy Star Award” in China
  • 2011 ”Hobby Award” in Japan